Muir’s Gambit

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The latest in Spy Game: The Aiken Trilogy – Book I

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Trades in the kind of shadings and moral quandaries that have been the meat and drink of Le Carré.

The Boston Globe

Michael Frost Beckner is the rarest of spy novelists, a beautiful and compelling writer who also has a mastery of tradecraft and a deep understanding of how espionage really works.

Joe Weisberg - former CIA Officer, bestselling author & Emmy-winning creator of The Americans

This promises to be the finest evocation of the Civil War to make the small screen. The sweep of the drama is majestic, and the dialogue is impeccable. … Your depiction of Grant is pitch perfect.

Edward Longacre - renowned historian and winner of the prestigious Fletcher Pratt Award

You can set off a million firecrackers, but if you don’t have a story to tell, you have nothing but smoke... Michael Frost Beckner’s electrifying script is a thinking man’s thriller... A real adrenaline blast… I loved it!

Robert Redford

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