Bishop's Endgame

Coming soon

Bishop's Endgame

Coming soon


A hole in the jungle. A house on stilts over a riverbank…

Bishop aimed his gun at the young woman facing the mirror.

“So here’s the life-or-death question: who are you and where’s van Eyck?”

“I’m nobody.”

“You sent the message. You serviced his drop. You showed at the meet.”

“I don’t know him—I don’t know anything!”

“You’re lying.” Bishop thumbed back the hammer.

Dead inside, he wanted to kill. Something, someone, anyone…

This one.

Ten years have passed since Nathan Muir rescued Tom Bishop from a Suzhou Prison and escaped the Agency for good. Now, all his former agents have suddenly vanished leaving the CIA blinded around the globe.

As Aiken hides a fatal diagnosis, hoping to trade his law books for one shot at the cloak and dagger of the field, a coded message comes in from Malaysia with astonishing news: a lone spy has survived the mysterious purge. Long forgotten in Kuala Lumpur, he claims to know the secrets behind Muir’s networks and a new cataclysmic danger threatening the world.

There’s just one catch. He’ll only come in to the one man Langley trusts less and despises more than Nathan Muir: Tom Bishop.



"In a nutshell, the mythology of Nathan Muir is nothing short of epic, and nothing he says or does should be ignored. Electric from the get-go, Beckner's sequel is a supercharged fireball, a raging inferno of action and thrill." - RECOMMENDED

US Review

"This mission doesn’t disappoint, offering a twisty, convincingly rendered spy story alive with smart prose, incisive attention to Company tradecraft... Lovers of epic, complex espionage thrillers will devour this sprawling Spy Game sequel." EDITOR'S CHOICE

Publishers Weekly Booklife

Michael Frost Beckner is the rarest of spy novelists, a beautiful and compelling writer who also has a mastery of tradecraft and a deep understanding of how espionage really works.

Joe Weisberg - former CIA Officer, bestselling author & Emmy-winning creator of The Americans

It’s policy versus heart... Will challenge you in ways you haven’t been challenged before.

Tony Scott (Director, Spy Game)

You can set off a million firecrackers, but if you don’t have a story to tell, you have nothing but smoke... Michael Frost Beckner’s electrifying script is a thinking man’s thriller... A real adrenaline blast… I loved it!

Robert Redford

A chess game... laid out on the real world of espionage.

Brad Pitt

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