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Lo-ki (lō´kē). n.
Norse mythology
the god of fire; god of mischief and destruction.

In the middle of a desert, a World War II POW camp harbors a secret: a sleeper agent embedded among combat prisoners receives orders activating him to a daring escape and a mission beyond the prison wire. A mission that, if successful, will deliver Allied Unconditional Surrender to the Third Reich.

Get ready for a WWII thriller unlike any you have ever read. For this prison camp is inside America—Camp Santa Rosa, New Mexico—and this prisoner, Standartenführer Jurgen von Hofmann, is a colonel of the Sicherheitsdienst, the SS Security Service, attached to the Ten Loki: Hitler’s most daring plan against the United States.

There’s just one problem. Von Hofmann and his assault team have escaped into the heart of the American West and have taken a young war widow hostage, and that puts them in the gunsights of recently paroled convict, Tyler Keyes: mistrusted and untested, a cowboy with nothing to lose.



Michael Frost Beckner is the rarest of spy novelists, a beautiful and compelling writer who also has a mastery of tradecraft and a deep understanding of how espionage really works.

Joe Weisberg - former CIA Officer, bestselling author & Emmy-winning creator of The Americans

It’s policy versus heart... Will challenge you in ways you haven’t been challenged before.

Tony Scott (Director, Spy Game)

You can set off a million firecrackers, but if you don’t have a story to tell, you have nothing but smoke... Michael Frost Beckner’s electrifying script is a thinking man’s thriller... A real adrenaline blast… I loved it!

Robert Redford

A chess game... laid out on the real world of espionage.

Brad Pitt

Among the classics… A smart, sturdy, and fascinating glimpse inside a hidden world.

The Cincinnati Enquirer

Michael Frost Beckner serves up a judicious blend of showy action, political intrigue, ticking-clock suspense and intramural CIA one-upmanship for mainstream entertainment.


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