A Nation Divided III

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A Nation Divided III

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America is under attack from within. A nation divided on every issue. Across the land, political, social, and racial intolerance increasingly turns to violence...

A NATION DIVIDED focuses on the emotional landscape of these men, their wives, and children, and the men and women of color who live and fight alongside them. Their loyalties, loves, and brutalities are put to the bloody test across the battlefields of five Aprils against the moment they live in and the future they are fighting to create. Some friendships dissolve into hatred; some families are torn apart by heartbreak; some enemies find grace in forgiveness. Yet, at the end of the bloodiest conflict in our history, the color barrier between black and white in America is transformed, freedom prevails, and the nation reunites to become an enduring beacon of hope to the world.

1864 - 1885

From Battle of the Wilderness to Appomattox

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Michael Frost Beckner is the rarest of spy novelists, a beautiful and compelling writer who also has a mastery of tradecraft and a deep understanding of how espionage really works.

Joe Weisberg - former CIA Officer, bestselling author & Emmy-winning creator of The Americans

It’s policy versus heart... Will challenge you in ways you haven’t been challenged before.

Tony Scott (Director, Spy Game)

You can set off a million firecrackers, but if you don’t have a story to tell, you have nothing but smoke... Michael Frost Beckner’s electrifying script is a thinking man’s thriller... A real adrenaline blast… I loved it!

Robert Redford

A chess game... laid out on the real world of espionage.

Brad Pitt

Among the classics… A smart, sturdy, and fascinating glimpse inside a hidden world.

The Cincinnati Enquirer

Michael Frost Beckner serves up a judicious blend of showy action, political intrigue, ticking-clock suspense and intramural CIA one-upmanship for mainstream entertainment.


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